A project by the Nuremberg Symphony
in cooperation with BR-KLASSIK

 When Kahchun was appointed as Chief Conductor of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, his first thought was how lucky he was, to be able to learn more about a city, country and culture that he have always respected. Coming from a much younger country that is Singapore, he deeply appreciated the city’s historic heritage, and was incredibly moved to be inside the St.Sebaldus Church, where Johannes Pachelbel used to work as organist.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D is a work that is perennially played in shopping malls and hotels all over the world. Musicians have a love-hate relationship with it. And yet everyone around the world knows it. Countless pop songs have been inspired by its harmonic progression. It would be a wonderful musical masterpiece in which to embrace and to encourage the community to come together as one.

PACHELBEL FOUR.ZERO is a participatory digital project for anyone who plays a musical instrument or sings! The focal point is the famous “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel. For every video that is sent in, Stadtsparkasse Nürnberg will donate 40 euros to Sternstunden e.V., a non-profit association that supports projects and institutions that care for children with chronic illness, disabilities, and special needs. Since its inception, with the help of Sternstunden e.V., over 220 million euros in donations have been collected.